About Me

Hangers by Rita got started a few years back. A lovely co-worker was getting married and asked if I could make her custom hangers for her wedding. I immediately said YES but knowing that I've never made anything like this before. However, I was up for the challenge. To make a long story short, she was happy with her hangers and that's how my love for it all to started. After making several more, the response was incredible! People loved the designs and were astounded at the prices. Hangers by Rita was born!
Fast forward to today. I have done over 1000 orders. Been featured in the Weddings Magazine 2017, Perfect Magazine & BRIDES in the U.K and I have been blessed to make several celebrities hangers for their special day! 
It has definitely given me a platform to keep pursuing a life of independence and creativity. I've been creative my whole life, and I have been blessed enough to put my heart and hands to make something beautiful every day. I truly enjoy running my own business and being a momprenuer. I hope to inspire someone. Never give up on your dreams. The sky's the limit! Thank you for stopping by my shop.
Matthew 19:26
" ......but with God all things are possible.”